Outriders Worldslayer Bundle (Digital)



Outriders Worldslayer Bundle (Digital)

The full experience of OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER Bundle includes the original OUTRIDERS game, with all the numerous quality of life improvements and Expedition content added since launch.Begin with the original OUTRIDERS campaign or use the boost to jump straight into the Worldslayer campaign with a fully geared up level 30 Outrider.OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER is a brutal 1-3 player co-op looter shooter set in an original, dark sci-fi universe.About The GameSurvive the campaign and you’ll face even greater horrors in the Trials of Tarya Grata, the brand new endgame. Which partnered with Ascension Points offers a new long term progression system for the most committed players. Finally, push hard through the new Apocalypse difficulty tiers, with each step up to level 40 increasing the chances of obtaining incredible Apocalypse gear and its game changing third mod slot.Key FeaturesA Journey Of Death Humanity’s hope for survival rests on your journey deep into the cradle of Enoch’s civilisation.Dynamic 1-3 Player CO-OP Continue to play solo or join up to 2 friends in drop-in drop-out co-op as you take on the horrors of a hyper evolving planet in an apocalypse.4 Unique Classes Continue with your existing classes or create and customise your new Outriders. Choosing from 4 unique powerful classes each with its own deadly array of brutal abilities with Skill Trees and Pax Trees to further define your personal playstyle.Guns & Gear Customise and upgrade your Outrider(s) with all new and powerful Apocalypse items and mods. Apocalypse items have an additional 3rd mod slot to customise your loadout to match your playstyle. As well as a full and entirely free Transmog system across all items.Power Adapt your abilities and skills in addition to the vast Class Skill Trees with new Pax Trees for hybrid branch boosts. Challenge yourself against all Apocalypse Tiers with your burgeoning power and boost your Ascension Points of Brutality, Endurance, Prowess and Anomaly.Endgame Earn incredible loot as you face new horrors in the vast endgame experience in the ancient city of Tarya Gratar.Boost In Further develop your existing character(s) or use the new boost to roll a geared up level 30 Outrider, ready to jump start into the relentless action.

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